Terrestials from The Fish & The Fly 3

In the movie and the fly tying section og The Fish & The Fly 3 several effective terrestials patterns are shown. All the flies are well proven patterns and below you will find photos and material lists of all the materials for the terrestials patterns.

Simple Beetle

Hook: Partridge, SLD size 14-16. Thread: Black 12/0. Body: Black foam plate. Legs: Tail feather from a big bird, brown/black. Back: Black foam. Head: Black foam.

Salt Water Bug 2

Hook: Partridge CS54 size 14. Thread: Black 12/0. Back: Black foam plate. Body: Prism dubbing, black. Legs: Black, Rubber legs medium size.
Head: Red, dubbing. Wing: SF Flash Blend, light olive.

Transparent Cicada

Hook: Partridge, YK12ST size 8-10. Thread: Tan 12/0. Back: Grey, Flexi Foam. Legs: Olive, Silli legs, medium size. Head: Grey, Flexi foam. Wing: Transparent plastic. Eyes: Marker, water resistant, black. Wing: Marker, water resistant, black & olive.

Trout Mouse

Hook: Universal Predator CS86X size 2/0. Thread: Black kevlar 8/0. Tail: Synthetic skin or nymph skin. Back: Brown foam plate. Body: Dear hair, natural or died brown. Eyes: Marker, water resistant, black.

Oeland Hawthorn

Hook: Tiemco, BL 206 size 14. Thread: Black 12/0. Body: Black foam plate. Hackle: Black seal fur. Thorax: Black foam. Wing: Soft plastic, form a plastic back. Head: Black foam.

Oeland Foam Hopper

Hook: Partridge, SUD size 8. Thread: Green 12/0. Abdomen: Foam plate; green, brown or grey. Head: Foam plate; green, brown or grey. Wing: Foam plate; green, brown or gray. Legs: Rubber legs, green. Hackle: Rooster feather, olive. Thorax: Dubbing, olive. Eyes: Marker, water resistant, black. Wing and body: Marker, water resistant, brown or olive. Notice: When tying the foam wing you need to use some super glue.

Oeland Foam Daddy

Hook: Timco, BL 206 size 8. Thread: Tan 12/0. Abdomen and Thorax: Foam plate, light brown. Legs: Moos body hair. Wing: CDC feather, grey. Hackle: Rooster feather. Thorax: CDC dubbing, nature brown. Head: Foam plate, light brown. Eyes: Marker, water resistant, black.

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